A Look Into Aegis Brands



Our main goal is to support the brands in our network. We offer our entrepreneurs the tools and resources they need to succeed. With decades of expertise in the food & beverage sector, our leadership is there to provide guidance as they need it, including to help ensure they’re building a great place to work for their employees.


We are here to sponsor our brands with the capital to grow and invest into their business. We are squarely focused on acquiring, nurturing and growing our brands, so that we can create a network that supports and learns from one another. At Aegis and our portfolio companies, we want to give employees a place to grow their career and build a bigger and better Aegis.


It’s essential that we protect the brands under our umbrella. We want them to feel confident that the integrity of their brand will remain intact. We want to preserve their culture and let them keep doing what they’ve been doing to be successful. We know its what their customers love. We’ll help do more of that great work.

Our Mission & Values

Aegis Brands respects autonomy and an independent spirit. We have a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, dignity, sensitivity, and safety, as well as the belief in our responsibility to humbly serve our communities. We are a people-first organization focused on expertise, identity and culture of the companies we acquire.

We sponsor all our people, by creating an environment where their career can thrive.


The Aegis Brands personality is professional and corporate, but personable and fun. We are a newly restructured organization, but proudly representative of the highly proliferated coffee industry. We are simultaneously bold in entering the volatile cannabis industry. As investors, investees, supporters and coaches, we take a beat from the portfolio of amazing brands we work with throughout a wide range of sectors