About Us

We created Aegis with the vision of building a portfolio of amazing brands that can grow and flourish with access to our resources and expertise. We are committed to letting each company under the Aegis Brands umbrella operate as an independent brand, and to working with them to provide shared expertise – and shared services – to help them thrive.

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Our Mission & Values

Aegis Brands respects autonomy and an independent spirit. We have a strong commitment to diversity, inclusion, dignity, sensitivity, and safety, as well as the belief in our responsibility to humbly serve our communities. We are a people-first organization focused on people, expertise, identity and culture of the companies we acquire to enable their long-term development.

Our Personality

The Aegis Brands personality is professional and corporate, but personable and fun. We are a newly formed organization, but proudly representative of the highly proliferated coffee industry. We are simultaneously bold in entering the volatile cannabis industry. As investors, investees, supporters and coaches, we take a beat from the portfolio of amazing brands we work with throughout a wide range of sectors

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